Thursday, October 27, 2011

Family in Denver

Katie and Jeremy came to visit right after I moved and Mom and Dad shortly after. We did a lot and had a great time! I love when my family can come out here and be a part of what I love about Denver! You are all always welcome!!!

Katie and Jeremy with our eccentric beer man at the Rockies game
Kate and I at the Rockies game. Katie and Jeremy drove through the night and arrived in Denver about an hour before the game started. It was a very long day for them!
My amazingly wonderful tuna roll at the Yardhouse.
Our yummy spread. Russ took this photo. I just noticed there are no photos of him!
Kate and Jeremy with their 'yards'
The three of us went to the rodeo in Cheyenne. It was my first rodeo! ;)
Mom and Dad arrived and on Dad's birthday we went to the Denver Botanical Gardens.
I took this photo at the Monet pool.
It was a very hot day but we enjoyed the gardens
That night all of us including Eric and Russ had dinner at Buckhorn Exchange, which is the oldest restaurant in Denver, for Dad's birthday. I wish I would have taken more photos!! The restaurant is covered wall to wall with animals and old photos and newspaper articles and serves a lot of game dishes that are not common in other restaurants. It was also featured on Man v. Food when they came to Denver.
Mom and Dad wanted to see the rodeo as well so we went back to Cheyenne and this time it was not my first rodeo ;)
We also got to see Train and Maroon 5 at Red Rocks.
It was a beautiful night and we had a great time! Thanks so much for coming!!

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