Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wyoming Part 2

Dinner the first night a Ranger Creek
Lots of marmots! They were having a chirping meeting.
On the way up to Antelope Butte
Almost to the top of Antelope Butte
We made it!!! (Antelope Butte)
Jeremy fishing at secret fishing location (he's the only one who caught one that day)
Don fishing at secret fishing location
Beautiful hike on the way back from secret fishing location
Don fishing at Lake Arden. Beautiful lake.
Our spoils
One of the fish I caught. "I'm not touchin it though. No spank you"
Oops. Forgot the buns!
It's just as good right off the stick
Porcupine Falls
At the lookout for Bucking Mule Falls. Perfect day, perfect hike, NO mosquitos!!!!

Okay, I know I said I'd post yesterday but I spent the few hours I had between getting out of bed and going to work outside planting flowers on the deck. It was a beautiful, sunny 80 degrees and I wanted to get the planters planted before I head off to Vegas. Bonus: the flower shop in Bailey had just put all their annuals 25% so I got some great deals on some beautiful flowers. I'll post pictures of my flowers next week, after you guys see all my WY and Vegas pics ;)

So let me tell you about our first week in Wyoming. We arrived at the cabin on July 3rd and spent the 4th in Greybull as I described in the previous post. The night of the 3rd we had dinner at the Ranger Creek Lodge very near the cabin. Celia flew back on the 5th to be with Jenelle for her surgery. The boys took her to the airport and I slept in and spent the day relaxing. On the 6th, Don, Jeremy and I hiked up Antelope Butte which is right behind the cabin (and 2000 ft higher). The last time I tried to make it to the top I felt terrible and had to turn around. It was the first year I went and the first time I had ever been at altitude. This was my second attempt and I made it to the top! Yay! I got covered in mosquito bites, a blister on my heel and rained on, but I made it ;) The next day we went to a secret lake to fish and only caught a couple. The mosquitos were terrible and we forgot buns for our hot dogs. It was a beautiful hike though. We made up for the lack of fish the next day at Lake Arden, which was beautiful (and plentiful). I even caught a few. We had a trout dinner that night. The next day I stayed at the cabin to rest my blistered heel while the boys did some exploring. Friday we went to check out some waterfalls (Porcupine and Bucking Mule) and had a nice hike to get to Bucking Mule Falls (and NO mosquitos the whole day!!!). Saturday was mostly spent packing and getting ready for our Sunday drive to Jackson Hole. That is a very short version of all the things we did but it works and it covers all the pictures that I will post sometime soon (hopefully) to go with this post. My next post will be all about our week at Jackson Hole.

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