Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hey all! Just another day of orientation but I wanted to share another important thing I took away from my classes. Self care is always a recurrent topic in anything having to do with nursing. Nurses are notorious (kinda like moms) for not caring for themselves. It's proven that not taking care of yourself decreases your ability to care for others (hence the recurrent education for nurses). So I want everyone to take a challenge that I've taken on myself. Find a small thing everyday that you can do for yourself and only yourself. Today, I took a bath. It was glorious! I also changed my dinner plans to include more work for Jeremy (who didn't work today) and less work for me (we grilled) ;) Here's pics of preparing dinner. Jeremy taught Kate a little about cooking and lighting tiki torches. Today was the official First Lighting of the Tikis on the Deck! Don't worry Chris and Butch. They'll be well warmed up by the time you guys visit!! ;)

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  1. Wouldn't be a "Bienemann" grill-out without the official lighting of the tikis! Cannot WAIT to see them in person! And definitely keep taking care of yourself! Love you.