Monday, June 8, 2009

Sunday in Colorado Springs

Sunday Jeremy, Kate and I drove down to Colorado Springs to visit the zoo and do a cave tour. We had a good time even though it was a really long day. The zoo was all outdoors and it was a beautiful day. The best part was the giraffe exhibit where you could feed them and get up close. We took the lantern tour at the cave which was neat. I only wish we had done it on a weekday when there weren't as many people. Our group ruined the tour a little when they refused to leave all the lanterns out (they were scared...maybe the tour guide would leave all the lights out and leave us all alone in the dark forever, who knows) and so the tour guide refused to tell us some of the old ghost stories about the pioneers of the caves. Next time, 7 pm on a weekday! Jeremy and I liked Jewel and Wind Caves in South Dakota better if you ever are wanting to check out a cave tour. We drove through Garden of the Gods then headed home on Rampart Range Road which had awesome views of Pike's Peak and the whole mountain range. I didn't get many pics but I hope you enjoy the ones I got! Here's also some links if you want to check out the places we went.
Trail description of Rampart Range Road

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