Saturday, February 12, 2011

Skiing Arapahoe Basin

Friday, I headed up to Arapahoe Basin on my own for a wonderful day of skiing. It was nice and sunny most of the day and the skiing was decent. They have not gotten any fresh powder since Tuesday so it was somewhat skied out but I know where to look for hidden stashes at this mountain. Then as I was thinking I had really gotten all I could from the mountain and maybe I would leave a little early, they announced they were opening the East Wall. The East Wall is a steep cliff wall that had been closed since they got all the snow over the weekend through Tuesday for avalanche control. Ski patrol just bombs the hell out of the mountain causing avalanches where they are prone to happening. It has a wicked traverse that requires tons of energy to get across (boarders would have quite a time, we are talking major hiking). It was worth it for the first tracks in untouched powder!! It was also worth all the crazy spills I took, digging my ski out from under a foot of powder, snow up my back down my neck and inside my goggles, and the soreness I feel now!!! It totally made the day wonderful! Jealous? You're jealous. Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

Sorry no photos of the East Wall. It is not visible from the parking lot.

A-Basin is my favorite mountain by far! It has such a local feel and is much less busy than the other resorts
Just breathtaking
A beautiful day!
Awesome day!


  1. Yes, I am jealous. Especially because you are all cool and can use ski language and stuff :) And because your team won the Superbowl because they beat my team 2 weeks before. But I love you anyway! Beautiful beautiful beautiful scenery!

  2. Davids says we are moving to Denver. :P