Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flowers?...for me?...I do declare!!

I got to work last night and found this beautiful bouquet waiting for me. They were from Ryan. The fun, cute, wonderful boy I met in IL! We haven't gone a day without talking or texting each other since we met. One of his text messages to me said "I'm so happy that I met you (and that I have unlimited texting). Haha! We were texting each other movie quotes from Dumb and Dumber 3 days after we met. Chrissy was like-you guys are texting movie quotes to each other already. It was meant to be! Jake and Patricia met him the last night we hung out. Katie talked to him on the phone when he was apparently trying to get my work address so he could send flowers ;) Lizzy has been posting all over FB that I'm moving home to Ptown. And its strange...its almost like something's calling me home... Of course it'll still be awhile, at least a year since I just signed a year lease! Anyway, this post is about Ryan and how sweet he is! Thank you!!!! <3 More vacation photos to come. I'm exhausted and need to go to bed. Just wanted everyone to know that I may have actually met a decent guy (despite the fact that he lives 1000 miles away).


  1. Woot! Very pretty flowers. And you are ALWAYS welcome to move closer:) Love you-get some sleep! Sippy...slappy...Samsonite! I was way off...

  2. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman, inside and out.